Month: December 2013

My drawings lately

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Things I do for me

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A lot of things have been rushing in and out of my head lately. It’s so crowded I can’t hear myself.

I’ve got a research and a report due next month and I didn’t even start, I’ve got no internet at home and birds are invading my territory. I’ve been having extra awkward conversations with my family and I’ve been meeting a lot of normal people.

I find myself, at times like this, doing little things to satisfy myself and to enjoy being alone. So here are some thing I do only for me:

workout ,whenever I’m in good clothes and in bad mood I follow a list of exercises that are very useful for my body. But also, when I do that, the rush in my head cools down to a hum colliding with the music I’m hearing. Working out makes me stop thinking because I keep my attention on the counting and the lyrics mostly.

laying down, I don’t know what it’s about, I just lay down on a couch or a bed and I stop thinking. Sometimes I make big decisions laying on my bed closing my eyes. I probably do that after a busy day or a long workout.

sketching, I like to draw. Sometimes I don’t think I’m good enough. But I never stopped because it helps me calm down and focus on the tip of my pencil. There were times when I didn’t hear my phone while it lay right next to me just because I was drawing.

tweet, because there are awesome people on twitter that I never met. I love talking sarcastically about life and coffee. I’m not twitter famous though.. Yet

bubble baths, my bubble baths include books, a loud radio, nail polish, coffee and rubber ducks. I enjoy my bubbles to the extreme because I think I deserve it. ( I hope none of my household ever read this)

stare, I do this all the time, sometimes I don’t know I’m doing it. I stare blankly at certain objects that interested me at first but later on my thoughts drifted me away from seeing it. I hope this isn’t too weird, but sometimes I forget to blink. Staring at art work is my favorite, because when I look at it long enough, I start thinking how it was made and how the artist felt about certain lines… etc.

read, because books are gates to new places, new people and new feelings. Living in a book is a dream you enjoy until someone interrupts you. (I hate that so much I bought earplugs)

think of new ways, I like to think of new ways we can do things. New ways an author can end a story, new ways to say things, new ways to test people, new ways to manipulate. (I didn’t do anything, but I thought of new ways to hide bodies)

Maybe there’s more, but I don’t feel like typing anymore. Thank you if you got this far.