Month: February 2014


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i’d say men are different.

that would be because I’m a girl. but then there are things about men i never thought of, like how they think or what they think people think of them. sometimes i think men need love, or at least crave it. but that’s another deal. here’s what happened:

i thought about giving my older brother a bookmark because i saw how interested he was in a book he left in his car. he loves huskies. and i had a 3D bookmark with a snow wolf on it. so i thought it’d be perfect. but then .. he doesn’t use bookmarks .. he wouldn’t use an animated one.  

one time i was walking outside with my brother. he took a turn to throw something in the trash as i kept walking. he told me to stop and wait for him so people wouldn’t think he’s a stalker walking behind me. 

shit ! i would’ve NEVER thought of that. never. it’s not such a big deal but it made me wonder. i think that if you’re in a situation about someone, you should put yourself in their position and you’ll understand their actions. that being said, you’ll NEVER see what a person has been through. you’ll never fully know even if you can read minds. because that’s a whole other life. 

i guess that applies to everything els involving others. because they are OTHERS. 

i also wonder why I’m thinking like this, i feel like i examine every detail in everything i see. the problem is that i see the same shit everyday!