“are you mine?”

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The empty squeaky noise the floorboards make when he wakes up is hardly detectable, unless she was waiting to hear it.

you taste so awake” he kissed her and laughed.

He doesn’t consider himself the kind of man that loves the quiet and the calm, but he knows he loves her kind of quiet and calm.

she picked up a cup of coffee for him off the kitchen counter she was sitting on. He stood in front of her and smiled.

the steam from the coffee covered his already blurry glasses. He put his big hands on her face as he can’t see where she is. He felt her eyelashes on his fingers.

the white clouds cleared from his glasses second later.

He knows she loves him, he knows she’ll stay. Perhaps he just can’t help but wish the blindness was temporary. He wished he could see her face.

“are you mine?”


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