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“out of paper again?”

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“out of paper again?” I stopped writing as Jav walked into the room. “don’t worry, you can use my laptop for now”. Javis was always nice to me, which sometimes made me uncomfortable. He’s my doctor, my brother-in-law, and recently, my roommate. My sister, Rita, thinks I hate him. I always thought that doctors are not to be loved. I’m still confused.
“Unpack! We got stuff to do!” I heard my sister yelling from the living room. She yells a lot. In any occasion. No exceptions. Yelling doesn’t make me hear her better or faster, so I can’t see the point. Thank god Jav got used to it.
When we were kids, we were used to the sound of the radio in the kitchen all day. And we grew up thinking that we’re supposed to talk back to it, thanks to my mother. That’s one reason I hated the radio. The second reason was that Rita was the one who inherited the habit of yelling at the radio. I learned that there’s no point but I can never tell my sister that.
“the answer is Napoleon! You’re not even supposed to be calling them” you can hear her from two apartments away. Sometimes it’s fun but it’s probably just a stress relief.
My sister is the usual blond waitress at the coffee shop. She’s had the job for two years now. Even though she kept moving around the coffee shop, she never earned more for her extra shifts. She met Javis there; He was the usual coffee shop costumer. She once told me that he never tipped her less, always a bit more. It’s the “they danced with the tray in her hands” kind of love story. What makes me laugh every time is remembering that he used to be scared of me when we first met. I guess I just never liked to make face expressions.
to be continued..

Miranda Bret is an author of more than four books. I work as her typist on a daily basis ( or whenever she calls me screaming). She has this mental situation which makes her freak out when she gets a great idea.
Now that I think about it, it’s the perfect job for me; I don’t have to do anything except to just listen to her and type. Sometimes Miranda gets irritated of my expressionless reactions, but she always tells me that I’m her only daughter. And I always feel glad to have her in my life ( and in the apartment next door).
I’ve been living here for about three years on the 4th level next to Miranda. I’ve had a really quiet kind of living until my sister and Jav moved in with me.
I don’t go out much and I don’t like new places much either. Because whenever I go somewhere I’m not known, I have to have a notebook to explain that I can’t speak. It doesn’t bother me as much as used to, but the sympathetic look that appears on people’s faces just makes me uncomfortable.
As my sister was cleaning up under beds, she suggested we go get some groceries from the market down the road. So Jav grabbed his jean jacket and I followed.
”Aren’t you taking a coat?” He asked as I unplugged my phone from the charger aiming to leave. But I just looked at him for a sec and went out. It wasn’t that cold outside, not to me. The whole apartment is cold, considering I don’t use the heat all the time.
We went out the building and Jav got his car keys out. I put on my sunglasses and pointed on the sidewalk. The market is just around the corner, walking is better. (Also because Jav’s car makes a lot of noise)
”Alright, at least we’re saving gas money” he put his keys back in his pocket. As we walked by, a few people I know waved at us, and clueless Jav waved back every time. I’ve known almost everyone on the street, I even bought a phone credit for the homeless man two blocks after my building. (His name is Freddy, and there’s a whole other story behind him, will be mentioned later). I know the staff at the market, and the lady selling ice cream outside as well. Everything is always the same here, nothing changes.
I picked up a basket from the door and walked in the market with Jav, who was calling Rita because he forgot the shopping list she left him on the counter.
I looked around and I noticed that there were just a bit too many men in suits today. The usual daytime includes only Robin and Tariq from a company near by but today there were more than two on every corner. Javis didn’t seem to notice so I thought it wasn’t such a big deal.

After the basket got a bit heavy, Jav went to the back of the store to pay for it. And I stood next to Miranda’s sister, Gloria “the ice cream lady”
“How’s my annoying sister doing?” She said. “She called yesterday to talk about the new chapter”
I nodded at an empty checkout desk on the left side of the market.
”Oh! Lily? She didn’t come today” she caught my amazement about lily’s absence. “I heard it was something about her son getting into a car accident. Poor guy doesn’t even own a car!”
I was surprised, confused and scared at the same time. Lily was an old lady who worked here for decades. Her son’s name was Adam. He was the loudest guy who drove through town with a motorcycle. But he never drove on main roads of the city, how come he crashed on one?


“are you mine?”

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The empty squeaky noise the floorboards make when he wakes up is hardly detectable, unless she was waiting to hear it.

you taste so awake” he kissed her and laughed.

He doesn’t consider himself the kind of man that loves the quiet and the calm, but he knows he loves her kind of quiet and calm.

she picked up a cup of coffee for him off the kitchen counter she was sitting on. He stood in front of her and smiled.

the steam from the coffee covered his already blurry glasses. He put his big hands on her face as he can’t see where she is. He felt her eyelashes on his fingers.

the white clouds cleared from his glasses second later.

He knows she loves him, he knows she’ll stay. Perhaps he just can’t help but wish the blindness was temporary. He wished he could see her face.

“are you mine?”