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Reading minds

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The truth is, you can never be in someone’s position and know exactly how they feel. It’s impossible to “walk in someone’s shoes” unless you’re in the same situation.I’ve never considered others as people. Maybe because my mind is restless and sometimes I think I’m different in every aspect. But then again, maybe I feel like that because I’m in my own mind, and I know myself. I can’t just step into someone’s mind and know everything about them. So I’ll never know until I get my mind reading machine.


First go

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Welcome to my cage of random thoughts,

Yesterday, I was letting scary thoughts slip out of my mind. So I thought I’ll empty my mind through a blog. Also i thought I should start writing a story any time soon. Think of me as a person amongst many, I’ll remain anonymous until I reveal myself.

I think I’ll post my drawings here as well, this may be considered a dairy or a journal (although I’ve never seen the difference). I want to express my opinion on many subjects (such as why Loki should rule). So , hopefully , I’ll be posting here regularly, or daily , of even every 2hours. I started my first year in the university around 3 months ago. I’ll stick to my commitment to this page ( although commitments is one of my many issues).

Thank you for reading. And I hope my mind doesn’t scare anyone els.